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The institute of Australia Middle East Business and Education (IAMBE) was established in 2014 to assist in bridging the gap between Australia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) through enriching cross-cultural understanding, lingual and business awareness between the two regions. The Middle East and North Africa is a region rich in it’s variety of culture, historical and archeological heritage, political complexities and business opportunities.



13 Mar

Live Arabic Reading and Writing Course

A short live course that will teach you about the Arabic culture, how to read and to write in Arabic.
If you are looking to study about the Arab World, visit the region, work there or any other target, then learning Arabic is essential. It gives you access to 22 Arabic speaking countries
17 Feb

Conversational Intermediate Arabic Course

6 day, 6 debatable topics to discuss in Arabic
  About this Event Practice Arabic in Canberra.   If your rate your Arabic at 4-7/10, then this is the course you have been looking for in Canberra to practice Arabic with a native tutor and peer
15 Feb

Arabic Alphabet for Kids

Get your kids learn Arabic reading and writing in just 20 hours of face to face learning with the best curriculum KITABEE 1
It takes 12-24 months for schools to teach Arabic reading and writing to your kids. If you don't have patience, we will teach them that in 2 courses only (20 hours) with lots
30 Nov

KITABEE 2 is Published

Kitabee 1 has reached 6 countries and almost all capital cities in Australia. So, Kitabee 2 was a must!
Kitabee 2 is a 123 illustrated book to teach Arabic reading and writing to children who have learned the alphabet through Kitabee 1 or other books. It is written in Arabic and English
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