1 Jun

Arabic and Islamic Culture Workshops

40% Off is our EOFY discount for in-house cultural awareness workshops
IAMBE workshops provide cultural training for government, corporate, NGO and educational agencies. Our workshopsare delivered at client offices and training is catered to the needs of each organization. Until the end of the financial
9 May

هدية عيد الأم

ترجمي شهادة ميلاد طفلك مجاناً
يقدم معهد أستراليا والشرق الاوسط للأعمال والتعليم - كانبرا هدية للأمهات في عيدهن، حيث يقوم المعهد بترجمة 100 شهادة ميلاد للأطفال المولودين في أستراليا من بداية يناير/كانون الثاني 2020 وحتى 9 مايو/أيار 2021.    الترجمة
10 Apr

Live Arabic Reading and Writing Course

A short live course that will teach you about the Arabic culture, how to read and to write in Arabic.
If you are looking to study about the Arab World, visit the region, work there or any other target, then learning Arabic is essential. It gives you access to 22 Arabic speaking countries
4 Apr

Teaching Arabic to 3000 Australian Kids

The Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education in Canberra has committed itself to assist you teach Arabic reading and writing to your child/ren in a fun way.
Using our very own renowned Arabic learning book (KITABEE 1), the IAMBE has committed itself to teaching children all across Australia how to read and write in Arabic in ONLY 30 days. Starting
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