Dr. Fiona Hill

Senior Consultant

Business Advisor, Anthropologist, Arab Region Cultural Guide, & Social Impact Entrepreneur
Fiona Hill is an Arab region evangelist who champions Arab cultural competence for powerfully positive outcomes. In academia, trade, government, NGO, and community advocacy across Australia and the MENA, Fiona's special expertise is Saudi Arabia, Syria, Oman, and Morocco, and her commitment to growing and better relations with Arab and Islamic cultural heritage and markets is well known.
Fiona is the owner and manager of Almanar Consultancy. Her pedigree includes serving on the Australian Arabic Council, the Australian Government’s Council for Australian Arab Relations (CAAR). She's current Victorian State Chair & National Board Member of the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI), Advisory Board Member of the Australian Arab Dialogue (AAD), and Australian National Committee Member of Syrian Heritage in Danger: an International Research Initiative & Network (SHIRIN).
Fiona’s contacts in Australia and the MENA region assist business people and government officials establish good relationship with their peers and counterparts in the other region. She has assisted many businesses understand the business culture of their target market and smoothly expand their business activities. 
Fiona received the Fanny Reading Award for Near Eastern Research, Australian Endeavour Executive Award to observe several months at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the internationally contested University of Melbourne Asia Institute Graduate Community Award for her 3 decades of voluntary service to Australian-Arab relation.
Dr Fiona Hill speaks, reads and writes Arabic.