Conversational Arabic Program 2

4 July - 8 August 2017


After the great success of our Conversational Arabic Program in March, IAMBE offers you again this unique program to maintain and improve your Arabic here in Canberra.  

At this program, we will:  

  • Watch short videos in Arabic, listen to Arabic podcasts or read some Arabic publication on various topics with a list of useful vocabularies and then discuss the topics, 

  • Learn useful colloquial proverbs and expressions from various regions, 

  • Talk to native Arabic speaking guests,  

  • Have a cup of tea, coffee & Ma’moul during the sessions. 


Program details: 

Conversational Arabic – Intermediate – Upper Intermediate 

Commencement date: Tuesday 04/07/2017 

Completion date: Tuesday 08/08/2017 

Times and days:  06:00 – 07:30 pm on Tuesdays 

        09:00- 10:30 am on Saturdays 

Venue: Level 5, 1 Bowes Place, Phillip, ACT 2606 

Fees:    $590.00 ($540.00 early bird by COB 09/06/2017) 

You can enroll in individual sessions only ($80.00 a session) 

Registration: please fill in a registration form and email it to us. Registration is open until COB 30/06/2017. 

The course is designed for people who have previous knowledge of Arabic and want to practice it on regular basis. The course will run with 3 registrations or more. Classroom capacity is 10. Registration will close when we receive the 10th registration. If the course was cancelled by the Institute, a full refund will be made to the participants. 

People say “Arabic is hard”, we say “Arabic is fun! 





Arabic Conversational Program 2 




Tick if attending 

Tuesday 4 July 

Australia and the Arab world. Why did Australia open 2 new embassies in Qatar and Morocco? 

(Useful diplomatic expressions) 


Saturday 8 July 

Has Donald Trump made American Great Again? + (useful political and military expressions & Arabic proverbs) 


Tuesday 11 July 

New citizenship laws. Australian values vs multiculturalism. 

+ (passive voice in Arabic) 



I will be in: 


Arabic Immersion Course 


Tuesday 18 July 

Australia China relationship in the era of Donald Trump. 

+ (useful economic, military & political expressions) 


Saturday 22 July 

Social media and virtual reality. Is it a healthy future? 

+ (useful expressions & Arabic proverbs) 


Tuesday 25 July 

Houses affordability in Australia. Is it the government fault? 

+ (useful economic expressions & Arabic proverbs) 


Saturday 29 July 

Brunch with native Arabic speakers. (open discussion) 


Tuesday 1 August 

Syria & Iraq after Daesh. Is it the end of a crisis or the beginning of a bigger war? 

+ (useful political and military expressions) 


Saturday 5 August 

Traditional media and the future of journalism. Will Fussha stay the language of journalism in the future? 

+ (reading traditional media + news tweets & Facebook posts) 


Tuesday 8 August 

Public service vs private sector. Which is better on an individual level and a government level (privatization)? 

+ (useful economic expressions & Arabic proverbs)