2018 Arabic Translation Offer

Don't pay $55 per 100 words, we offer you professional translation for your business for ONLY $35.

IAMBE is here to help your business reach the Middle East in 2018

Discounted Translation Services, From English to Arabic


$35 per 100 words* (Usually $55 per 100 Words)
Translate your website, brochures, marketing materials, correspondence, contracts, and ...etc.
Offer valid until 28 February 2018.
We can also design your brochures in Arabic. Call us to ask about our services to help you reach the Middle East!
Chris McKiernan, Marketing and sales manager at Viplus Dairy in Victoria, said about our Arabic & Persian translation services: "Mohanned (IAMBE manager) provided us with amazing professional service for our translation work. Each and every step of the way was handled with the utmost accuracy and professionalism and politeness
Christ also added "Mohanned and his team provide an exceptional service, including going the extra mile deciphering artwork and providing support in areas that are not essentially part of the provided service. A great experience"
Contact us on info@iambe.com.au or call 02-61983234
*Australian Businesses Only.  Minimum charge is $65 for small jobs. IAMBE has the right to increase the charges if the source materials are very technical and need a specialist translator to work on it.